Swedish Massage Fort Myers

If you are in need of a Swedish massage in Fort Myers, today is your lucky day. We offer a wonderfully relaxing Swedish massage that incorporates elements of Asian massage modalities such as acupressure and foot reflexology  into the mix. Swedish massage is a relaxing massage administered with long, gliding massage strokes called effleurage. Typically done with massage oils or lotions, it is a gentler form of massage when contrasted with Deep Tissue Massage. It is the most common type of massage and the best massage for relaxation and stress relief.

Relaxing Swedish Massage

Benefits of Swedish Massage

There are numerous benefits of Swedish Massage including relief of low back pain, stress, anxiety, and depression. It is often thought of as primarily a relaxation massage but its benefits go far beyond pure relaxation. Swedish massage has been found to reduce inflammation, lower cortisol levels, lower blood pressure, improve circulation, improve posture, strengthen our immune system, improve lung function, relieve headaches, and increase range of motions. For a full list of all of the benefits of massage, please refer to our Benefits of Massage page.

Swedish Massage for Anxiety

A 2016 study regarding the benefits of Swedish Massage for Anxiety concluded that massage therapy caused a significant decrease in systolic blood pressure, pulse, and respiratory rate among healthy women suffering from anxiety.

Swedish Massage for Osteoarthritis

A study regarding the benefits of Swedish Massage for Osteoarthritis concluded that the 68 participants in the study, who all suffered from osteoarthritis of the knee, exhibited improved flexibility, greater range of motion, and less pain after receiving Swedish Massage over the course of a 16-week study.

Swedish Massage Affects our Immune System

A study regarding the benefits of Swedish massage to our immune system conducted by Cedar-Sinai’s Department of Psychiatric and Behavioral Neurosciences found that a single session of Swedish massage had a profound effect on our immune system including increased white blood cells, or lymphocytes (which play a role in fending off disease), decreased Arginine Vasopressin (a hormone associated with aggression), and a decrease in the stress hormone Cortisol.

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